East Lansing RAS-R in action cropRAS-R is the first and only fully functional combat ready REMOTE AIMING SYSTEM for RIFLE. We pronounce the term RAS-R like that thing you shave with…razor.  RAS-R is designed to expand the rifle’s aiming capability to add engaging from cover, and from a hugely expanded set of rifle positions in engaging, from shoe-lace to overhead, and just about anything in between. In fact, to sum up what RAS-R gives you, just imagine this: If you can hold the rifle to get the double tap, in any position you can think of, RAS-R will make that shot possible  with cheek-weld precision.

Fig 13 1backend tight 3 RAS-R is mated to  your rifle optic, and does NOT change your normal, well-learned and engrained motor memory, it just gives you more engagement options a whole lot faster.

RAS-R is set for close quarters, with a focal plane at 30-50 meters. If you want closer, or further, we can set it up for you at the factory, or your armorer can be quickly and easily trained to do it in the field.

RAS-R is produced to mate to your specific Rifle Optic. The spec sheets will give you what you need in PN’s to match up to your optic. We currently have configurations in production for Trijicon ACOG and Aimpoint CompM4 (M68), and EOTECH. If your optic is special (like sniper or such), call us and we will quote you a delivery and cost. In short, you bring us your optic, we will bring you RAS-R.

RAS-R; The tip of your spear just got a whole lot sharper.

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