RAS-R for Marksmanship Training

Normal aimforearm display side viewRAS-R for Rifle Marksmanship Training

While RAS-R has a very focused mission to radically change battle, its utility extends to basic and advanced Rifle training as well. We have been encouraged to add this important new application by operators in both Mil and LE Units who have helped us develop RAS-R.

RQAS-R VCU 2 best

With RAS-R VCU’s on the trainees’ rifles, the Instructor can see the aim as the trainee sees it.  The trainee aims normally,  with cheek-weld. There is, at least to begin with, no remote receiver and Near Eye Display issued to the trainee.

VAB11The Instructor positions himself normally proximate to the trainee, and while observing the trainee for position, breathing and reaction, he can also monitor the precise view the trainee is seeing, by monitoring the captuRed dot on targetred and shared image from the VCU to his (the Instructor’s) Receiver and 5″ display.

forearm display side viewThe benefit of this is that the Instructor can SMM Picactually see the aiming change as the trigger is squeezed, and see what the trainee is doing at that moment, and in response to the round, including re-establishing the target. This promises to accelerate the trainee’s acquisition of skill and helps catch bad actions before they become habits.

RAS-R for training: A potent addition to the Instructors tools for training, at any level.