Product Information

Fig 18 6After over three years of intense  and thorouigh field T&E testing and evaluation, C2i has settled on the key elements of the RAS-R Kit that render its utility maximized, and its ease of adapting to your weapon optic and your gear as low-drag as possible.


Currently there are two (2) RAS-R kits: R-1 and RT-1

RAS-R Kit 1R-1:  The Rifle Kit is intended for issuance to an operator for mounting to his rifle and Molle vest. This kit is intended for combat. Each R-1 RAS-R Kit comes complete with the following:

  1. R-01 VCU Video Capture Unit
  2. R-02    RX RAS-R Receiver
  3. R-03   RX Antenna (usually already installed)
  4. R-04  Near Eye Display (NED) with wire harness
  5. R-05 Pair of shooters glasses, with both clear and sun lenses
  6. R-06 Glasses Temple  Harness
  7. R-07 Batteries: to complete the kit there are 8 C-123 Lithium Ion Batteries
  8. R-08 Red Filter for low or no-light use, to protect eye night vision
  9. R-09 Rubber Eye Cup for NED
  10. R-10 Molded carry case.

To select the R-1 RAS-R Kit you would like to acquire, we offer the chart that ties your rifle optic to the RAS-R part number you will need to specify. Call us if the optic you have does not have an apparent part number.

Brand and PN Description RAS-R R-1 Mating Part Number
Trijicon ACOG R-1T
AIMPOINT M68 Aiming Red Dot Optic. 1X R-1A
EOTECH M31, M51 Red Dot Aiming Optic R-1E

Canada 12SMM Pic

RAS-R for Training…

RAS-R Kit RT-1 is intended for rifle marksmanship training. The RT-1 kit is set up to deploy on a rifle range, to assist the marksmanship instructors in training trainees how to aim. It incorporates the same VCU’s, as many as the rangemaster wants deployed. This kit might be used for all shooting positions on the line, or perhaps to begin with just a couple or three VCU’s to monitor those whose aiming is  giving them trouble.  Either way, the kit is capable in its standard stock form to  handle up to eight (8) shooters on the line. If your application requires more, we can accommodate up to 32 shooters with our kit, but the expanded number requires customization. We will work hard to get you the best bang for your buck.

And based on feedback from our operator/evaluators, we replace the NED Near Eye Display  with a large, 5″ screen Display, with a Juggernaut Molle vest mount and a forearm mount to give the instructor the option of being able to monitor  his trainee from his forearm or from a chest mount.

Kit RT-1 contains:


  1. 1. R-01  VCUs: Two or three is customary. Please specify the quantity and Part Numbers to match your rifle optics, by using the chart below.
  2. 2.  R-02 RAS-R Receiver RX: Only one is needed SMM Picfor a  set of 8 VCU’s. The RX has a dial switch that allows the instructor to switch between trainees as he walks the line.
  3. R-03 RX Antenna
  4. R-07  Batteries:  2 for each VCU, 6 for the RX.
  5. R-11 Carry Case, for  Range RT-1 kit.
  6. R-12 5″ Display, Color, with Molle and forearm mount.

To select the VCU’s for your RT-1 Range Kit, please refer to this chart:


Brand Optic PN Description RAS-R VCU Mount PN
Trijicon ACOG ACOG R-VCU-01T
Aimpoint M68 CompM4 R-VCU-01A
EOTECH M31, M51 Red Dot Aiming Optic R-VCU1E

AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES: These accessories are for the R-1  Combat RAS-R Kit

Fig 27 1Surefire Rifle Mounted Flashlight. Mounted to the forward rail, this flashlight lights up the target area perfectly. PN: R-A-01 Flashlight



Fig 28 2Noveske K9 Jam Block, forestock rail mounted, adds stability and accuracy to the double tap, by bracing the weapon on a door jamb or wall edge to keep the weapon steady for the second shot. Very effective tool to expand the utility of RAS-R. PN:R-A-02 NoveskeK9

Fig 29 1

LaRue Forestock Pistol Grip. Adds stability when Aiming with the weapon off shoulder. Handy for low and high overhead shots. Desert Tan or Black: PN: R-A 03 (B) or (T)

NEW OPTION FOR 5″  Display for R-1 RAS-R Combat Kit:   We have been encouraged to suggest that to add to the remote aiming kit for combat, we add the 5″ display and either Molle vest Juggernaut mount or the forearm mount. With this added kit, another operator in the team or stack can monitor the operator’s weapon view, and see what is being engaged. Two sets of eyes on target, to verify the shot, or to add to the operating intel the added member can have of the targets being engaged.

For these accessories, see the RT-1 kit accessories just below.


These accessories are offered to expand on the RT-1 Training Kit:


RT-11 Juggernaut Molle vest mount for 5″ Display: This mount adapts the display to the Molle. It can be located on the chest or back, to provide a view of the weapon sight aim at the point of trigger. PN: RT-11 Juggernaut

forearm display side viewRT-12 Forearm Harness for 5″ display. This harness adapts the training display to either arm. PN: RT-12 Forearm Harness