About Us


Fig 18 6C2i Advanced Technologies got its start in 2006, but owner/CEO Chris Coombs has been actively developing and fielding new technologies for over 30  years. The company started with business development for a rifle optics company and thermal imaging camera company. Our  contacts with operators in both Military combat units and Law Enforcement Special Weapons and Tactics agencies brought us a rich source for innovation to address unanswered needs in both communities.

In 2009 we uncovered the need to pursue remote aiming,  and our contacts in the industry helped us identify and hook up with the core technology companies we needed to execute on the concept of a combat-worthy remote aiming system…one that had the Canada 12miniature size and instantaneous imagery needed to give our fighting men and women the capacity to aim with precision with the weapon off the shoulder. The result is RAS-R. It’s the brainchild  of C2i Advanced Technologies, but its the hard work and patience that accrues to  C2i’s technology partners that made a good  idea into a great product.

patent pictureC2i President/Owner, Chris Coombs, is a  former Green Beret, serving in the 10th Group in the German Alps, and in 5th Group in Viet Nam. His military service gives him an acute appreciation for new gear’s value and cost…not in dollars, but in added combat potential as opposed to weight, complexity, and compatibility with soldier learned motor memory…the soldier’s  and SWAT operator’s most important survival tool. Chris is listed as inventor or co-inventor on over  a dozen patents, and many of these patents became very successful products, in a couple of cases even opening the industry to entirely new technology.  He is often mentioned as the “father”  of thermal imaging in the fire fighting universe. And the innovation needed to make RAS-R work as well as it does was the direct  result of Chris’ unbending conviction that “if we can think it, we can do it!” that has served his companies so well over the years.

RAS-R would not be the stout, rough and ready product  it is without the much appreciated  contribution by soldiers and SWAT operators, Trainers and SOF operators all of whom had a direct hand in guiding C2i in the development process. Some of the requirements that resulted from our exhaustive live fire experimentation proved to be really challenging. But with the help of our prospective users, the hard work of our partners, and a lot of prayer, we are so proud and grateful to be presenting RAS-R to the members of our nation’s soldiers and SWAT operators, and all whose service brings them into harm’s way.’